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LION is an innovative technology company providing worldwide fire training equipment for firefighters and first responders. It all starts with training. LION makes equipment to help your team get ready for any emergency scenario. Your crew can practice different emergency scenarios like rural & urban, industrial firefighting, offshore, maritime, HazMat, airport, and Urban Search & Rescue Training and prepare for real-life events. We propose a broad portfolio of training solutions from life-like props (car, tank, air wing, etc.), training units equipped with digital, gas-fueled simulators, class A training set-up. We focus our offer on the present and future challenges that frontline responders need to get ready for. We also consider the impact of those training on personal health and the environment. With our patented afterburner system, digital and hybrid fire technologies, we can offer you training solutions that are controlled, safe for your health, and have no impact on the environment and your training surroundings.