Fire Buyer Live Introduces Melissa Kim

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The Fire Buyer Live team are delighted to announce the latest addition to our speaker lineup, Melissa Kim, VP Research and Development of Perimeter Solutions!

Melissa is the VP Research and Development at Perimeter Solutions. Prior to joining Perimeter Solutions, Melissa served as the Global R&D Director for ICL Performance Products, Fire Safety Division. She has been developing fire safety products since 2004 and is responsible for product development worldwide. She provides assistance to all areas of the Fire Safety business ensuring product quality and technical support. Melissa holds a BS in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine.

Fire Buyer Live is the event for International Fire Buyer Magazine, the leading and must-attend online event for both the passive and active sectors. With the rapid evolution of technologies, and the constant shift of policy and challenging requirements of users, it is now more important than ever to stay abreast of the issues that affect you.

With this in mind, Melissa will be delving deeper into “Chemically Speaking: Why USFS, Fire Management Agencies Rely on Phosphate-Based Fire Retardants”. In 1963, phosphate-based fire retardant became the first to be approved by the United States Forest Service for use in aerial wildfire attack. Over the next 60 years, phosphates have proven to be effective in helping the USFS and other fire management agencies around the world to protect property and save lives.

Kim will discuss current fire retardant technology and take a look into the future to educate attendees on how we can improve all aspects of wildland firefighting, helping the audience to understand what we need to do to ensure future success with wildfire prevention, protection and suppression efforts, as climate change and other factors continue to intensify the dangers presented by wildfires.

Join 1000+ people from over 50 different countries in the return of Fire Buyer Live in 2023, the leading and must-attend online event for both the passive and active sectors. Register to gain access to 19+ hours of action-packed content and access to our networking platform.

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